Berlin Zoo asks for Libra: Panda babies already weigh 1400 grams

              Saturday, 05. October 2019

Berlin Zoo takes panda fans to the cradle.
(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

              Meanwhile, the panda babies not only grows the typical black and white down, the offspring from the Berlin Zoo is also gearing up for the grubby weather: Both pandas each bring a proud 1400 grams on the scales and can already hold their own body temperature.
              Good news from Berlin's mini-pandas: the black and white twins are growing at lightning speed. On a video posted on Twitter, the zoo shows one of the juveniles being weighed. Both now weigh in at a whopping 1400 grams, as it was said on Friday. At birth it was just 186 and 136 grams. And just in time for the bad weather, the two seem to be better equipped for the cold season. "Your body temperature, the little ones can already hold alone," said the zoo. Pandanamen Meng Meng first became a mother on August 31st. At the zoo it's the first panda birth. The 90-kilo-bear showed herself from the beginning as a loving mom and tenderly cuddles with her mini offspring. Meanwhile, the twins have the typical black and white coat for pandas.

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